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2008 Screenwriting Expo - November 12-16

2008 Screenwriting Expo
November 12th - 16th
Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street

Tim Kring, Jeph Loeb, and Jesse Alexander are three of the guests of honor at this years Screenwriting Expo!

Upon its debut in 2006, NBC's hit show HEROES was an instant sensation, ranking amongst the most-watched shows each of the past two years. Now, after a strike-shortened sophomore season, HEROES returns this fall at the very top of their game.

The Expo is honored to welcome the following writers from the show as they share their stories and secrets in a special 90-minute session exclusively for the Expo audience:

A TV veteran for over 25 years, Tim Kring created Heroes in 2006 for NBC and has groomed it into one of the most exciting shows on television. He also created the popular show Crossing Jordan, which ran for six seasons, and is a veteran of many one-hour shows.

Before becoming an executive producer and writer on HEROES, Jeph Loeb was a supervising producer on both LOST and Smallville. He is perhaps best known for his legendary comic writing which includes the seminal titles Batman: The Long Halloween and Superman For All Seasons.

Before joining HEROES, Jesse Alexander was a co-executive producer on ABC's LOST and an executive producer and writer for five years on Alias. He is now a writer and producer on HEROES.

Registration for the event ranges between 349.95 (for the gold pass) and 144.95 (for the basic). Click here to register.

There is also an option to volunteer. If chosen to volunteer, you only have to put in eight hours sometime over the course of the weekend and you'll get a basic pass in return. With a basic pass, it is five dollars to attend seminars.

Screenwriting Expo
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